Explore Hamburg from an amazing perspective
July 4, 2024

2024 Season is ON

Planning a trip to Hamburg? Or perhaps you're already in the city, it's a beautiful day and you're looking for a great outdoor activity?

I have been a licensed Stand up Paddling Instructor since 2014 and offer paddle boarding lessons and guided tours on the Alster, Hamburg's beautiful lake in the heart of the city.

As well as learning to paddle board, you'll also hear facts about the city and its history. Here's one for free: Hamburg has more bridges than Venice and Amsterdam combined.

Nice weather? Just book spontaneously for a real highlight of your Hamburg trip.

Prices for lessons and tours, 120 minutes

Personal Training

100 €

Training/Tour for two

145 €

Training/Tour for three


Training/Tour for four


Larger group? 5 to 8 paddlers: € 49,--/paddler 

No non-swimmers in my lessons. If members of your group cannot swim, they can rent sleek 4-seater pedal boats for € 24,-/hour and join the paddlers on the water.

That's also an option if some in your group just don't want to be on a wobbly paddle board and for groups of more than 8 paddlers: some go in a pedal boat. We can also swap on the water.

Please send an email with your plan details: date, start time, number of participants, experience level (beginners or advanced), and I'll come back to you. To confirm a booking, I'll need a 20 % deposit via Paypal.

Standard procedure: clients call me two hours before the event for a last weather check.

If conditions do not allow for being on the water, deposit will be refunded or another date scheduled.

What's included?  

Boards, paddles, leashes, drinks, and photos taken on the water for you to download for free from Dropbox.

We will start with some theory on the jetty. After that, we get on the boards and you will learn how to stand up, how to keep your balance, and four basic paddle strokes. 

When everybody feels safe on the board, we will tour the Alster and adjoining canals. 

Advanced paddlers

We'll start the tour immediately. Expect to paddle up to 11 km during two hours.

During summer, sunrise tours are an unforgettable experience: the city is awakening around the mirror-like and empty waters. On the water, you'll get to know facts and stories about what we see.

If your schedule allows for it, try to avoid the "rush hours": Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon/evening.

What should you wear for paddle boarding?

Please do not wear cotton clothes for your paddling event. Once cotton gets wet, it will take a long time to dry and will feel cold on your skin, especially in windy conditions.

Instead, pack quick drying board shorts (without cotton underwear!) or lycra leggings and a lycra shirt. On a rainy day, a simple plastic rain coat will help to keep you feeling comfortable.

If the water is below 16 degrees C, which is usually the case until early May and from October, I recommend bringing a drysuit or wetsuit. If you plan to come early or late in the season, bring some simple neoprene booties or a pair of old canvas sneakers to keep your feet warm.

Rest assured: not all beginners fall into the water all of the time. 

However, bad news, gentlemen: my statistics over the years show a water contact ratio of 1 : 7 for the men, only 1 : 12 for the ladies! 

Don't forget


Call Frank: +49 175 527 4368 or send a message.